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Time To Catch The Evil Eye

When it comes to warding off malignant forces and insidious intent, there is perhaps no emblem more universally recognised than the ‘evil eye.’

Use of the symbol dates back to ancient civilisations – the earliest evil eye amulet is recorded from 3,300 BC – and the idea is that those carrying or wearing an evil eye charm are protected from any malevolent glare (or evil eye) that might cause misfortune, bad luck or injury.

From Egyptians and Etruscans who used to paint the eye on the prows of their ships to ensure safe passage, to Turkey, where it's still traditional to bring an evil eye token to newborn babies (as young children are believed to be the most susceptible to the evil eye curse), ocular talismans have been adopted as a form of eye-for-an-eye protection against harm by Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu societies for thousands of years.

Given the state of our world and the evil eye's potential powers to protect, it's perhaps not surprising ‘evil eye jewellery’ saw a 58 per cent increase in search month-on-month according to fashion search platform Lyst.

The trend was no doubt accelerated by newly-civilian Meghan Markle, who chose to wear a £135 evil eye charm pendant from London label Edge of Ember for a Zoom call back in March 2020. Video footage from the call, in which Meghan volunteered some time to speak with a client of Smart Works, a charity which provides clothing and coachin

Jewellers in Bromley
Jewellers in Bromley

g for unemployed women with interviews of which she is patron, was released in April just days before she parted ways with the British royal family. Never could there have been a better time for her to shield herself with the good luck powers of old.

Whether you’re facing family struggles or financial hardships, or taking to the streets to protest for what you believe in, the darkness and destruction of the past year leaves us all needing a little luck and protection.

The Martine Galleria No1 jewellers in Bromley has a number of high quality “evil eye” necklaces and pendants from only £40.

Note: We do not claim any right or title to this article which first appeared in standard dot co dot uk in 2020.








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